Centrally located in beautiful Boise, Idaho, and founded by owners
Mark Baltes and Julie Baltes, Landmark Impressions is quickly
becoming a leading producer of enamel signage in the Mountain States.
Drawing from our 30 years of experience in the commercial screen
printing industry, Landmark has in recent years focused more closely on
producing high quality, durable graphics.   Today many examples of our
work, such as interpretive signage, wayfinding, trail and historical site
markers, and public art can be found throughout Southwest Idaho.  Our
personal interest in historical preservation awareness combined with our
business experience in the graphics and screen printing arena has lead
us to this exciting and rewarding pursuit.  Working with historic districts,
municipalities, state and national parks, and local and state historical
societies, Landmark Impressions is committed to education at historical
sites and structures and to the enhancement of communities through
appropriate landmarking and public art.

Porcelain enamel, an art that is centuries old, is the process of fusing
colored glass on metal at 1350°F.  Producing a deep, rich, slightly
embossed finish when kiln fired, graphics are permanently fused for
lifetime durability.  Vivid colors such as reds, oranges, yellows and
greens remain vibrant 35 years after they are placed in service.  The
versatile art of porcelain enamel creates a work that is virtually
maintenance free and highly vandal resistant that will not fade, oxidize,
or rust, and is appropriate for the outdoor environment as well as indoor
applications.  At Landmark Impressions, the enameling process is applied
by brush, spray, or the silkscreen method and kiln fired on site.
Photographs and fine line illustrations are faithfully reproduced to
exacting standards.  From urban graphics, backwoods trail markers,
industrial signage, or fine art applications, Landmark Impressions is
proud to offer ceramic on steel products.


• Oregon Trail Parkway Project      15 multi-faced kiosks along the trail
• Julia Davis Park Memorial             2 panels mounted in sandstone bases
• Emigrant Trail Monuments             2 city park historical markers
• O’Farrell Cabin History Project     3 panels, interpretive / photo signs
• Ezra Meeker Centennial Project    Series of commemorative markers
• Boise Parks Department Contracted Artist 2004-2005, various projects

  -Kiln capacity:  30 x 38 inch panel size
  -Panel faces:    Flat panels or flanged panels with returns
                            Custom-made to specific dimensions, multiple panel
                            faces can be assembled for large mural installations
  -Graphics:         Spot color and line art
                            Photos: 65 to 85-line screen
  -Application:     Screen process, direct painting, airbrush and special
  -Brackets &
   Stanchions:  Custom framework & powdercoat services available offsite

  We welcome your comments and inquiries about our products and custom
  work.  Contact us at info@Landmark-Impressions.com with your specific


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